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Random Number Favorites: 5 Doctor Who Quotes

I love talking about my favorite things in media, and I love hearing other people talk about theirs — and thus, Random Number Favorites was born. The concept is this: I generate a number between 3-10 and that’s how many favorites I have to list for the topic. (A quick note that “favorite” is a fluid concept that can change from day to day, or hour to hour, so I am in no way standing by any of these forever.) And I welcome you to drop your own (equally non-binding) list in the comments below!

In the future I’m hoping to start the last week of every month with one of these posts, but we’ll see if that schedule works out. And I’ll often be randomly generating the topics from a list I’ve created, but not always.  I suspect there may be days I really want to talk about something in particular.

Anyways, onto the first topic (which was randomly generated this time): favorite Doctor Who quotes.

This one is tricky because I’m sure the ones I immediately think of are those I’ve seen on “best quotes” lists over and over again. They’re inherently more fresh in my mind. So this list might be fairly influenced by Received Fan Wisdom…but I still think I’ve managed to include quotes that are important to me personally.

I’m listing these in chronological, not favorite, order, and I’m only including New Who because I haven’t watched that much Classic Who so far. Also there will be spoilers.

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A Love Letter to Leagues and Legends

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to talk about a book series that has a special place in my heart: Leagues and Legends by E. Jade Lomax. This’ll be spoiler free because I would love to encourage anyone who haven’t read these books to give them a try.

Quick background: Leagues and Legends is a trilogy of fantasy books (Beanstalk, Echoes of a Giantkiller, and Remember the Dust). They’re available in eBook/download form for free (!!), so you can pop over to and start reading them right this second if you want. (You can also buy print versions if you like classic book-in-your-hand feel like I do.)

Here’s the blurb for Beanstalk:

Jack Farris doesn’t want to save the world, just every person he knows, encounters, or hears of.

It’s a bit of an issue.

S. Grey doesn’t want to save anyone but himself. He wants to know everything and majoring in sagework at the Academy is the best way to do that.

Laney Jones left her home to avoid the constraints there, only to find different barriers holding her back at the Academy. Eager to learn, to excel, to escape, she has far from given up.

Rupert Willington Jons Hammerfeld the Seventh would just like everything to be orderly, thank you very much, but it seems the only way to make monsters and myths (and malicious but mundane men) stop rampaging through his world is to go out and do some hero-ing himself.

They are put together as an unwilling study group, but they become something more.

Some things you can find in these books: Found families. Friendships that are tested and rebuilt. Fairytale retellings. Critiques of social inequality within education systems. Casual LGBT representation. Cool magic theory. Deconstruction of what being a hero means. Beautiful, poetic writing.

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Intro to Starship Sorcery

Hello Internet! My heart was stolen by middle grade fantasy books, sci-fi, cartoons, and podcasts (in that order), and I’m here to write about it.

I’m quite excited because while I’ve had many conversations with friends about our mutual book/TV show/movie/podcast loves, I haven’t spent a lot of time writing my thoughts down. I’ve realized perhaps it’s time I toss some of my fannish opinions out there into some small corner of the Internet and see what happens!

A quick bit about me: I’m Emily (she/her), a college student slash aspiring writer. A few fun facts: I love to sing, my favorite food is pasta, and I’m learning to crochet.

Here’s a run down of media I already love (also found on the about page):

Books: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Leagues and Legends, Septimus Heap

TV Shows: Doctor Who, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, Merlin, Once Upon a Time

Movies: Star Wars

Podcasts: The Adventure Zone, Wolf 359, The Strange Case of Starship Iris

And I’m interested in trying new stories and talking about those too. (Right now I’ve got my eye on She-Ra and Star Trek…in between poking around Classic Who.)

I’m still figuring out what types of posts I want to write, but it’ll likely be a mix of in-depth meta-style posts about media I already enjoy and reviews/impressions of things new to me. And while I’m going for a pretty positive, welcoming vibe for the blog, that’s not to say I don’t have plenty of criticism of the things I love. I’m here to dig into the bits of stories that I’ll hold near and dear to my heart and also the bits that make me want to angrily fling a pillow across the room.

I can’t wait to get started on this journey and I hope you, dear reader, will join me for the ride.